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Byler’s Superior Windows offers window replacements to Crawford County and the surrounding areas. Replacement style windows are the most cost-effective approach to replacing your existing windows.

Get Your Windows Replaced

Will I have to replace all my interior and exterior trim?

One of the common misconceptions with window replacements and window installations is that when you replace the window, you will have to replace all your interior and exterior trim. However, with a replacement style window, the existing window frame is left in place and only the window itself is replaced. (The replacement window is put into the existing frame).

For example, a replacement style window does not include a nailing flange so the flat edge of your jamb fits in between the jamb of the existing window. This style of window replacement is most often used in older homes where the original windows are wood, and is typically impractical when the original window is a vinyl window. Leaving your existing window frame allows you to keep your original trim. We offer new custom sized aluminum cladding to wrap and seal the outside of the existing exterior frame and trim.

We also offer window replacements for your existing vinyl windows including windows with a nailing fin or J-channel. We provide solutions that can utilize your existing siding including a new window with an integrated J-channel.

How does the window replacement process work?

When doing window replacements, we actively take steps to ensure your windows are operating and performing properly.

  1. Each window is installed with appropriate fasteners whether new construction or replacement style.
  2. We allow a small space around the perimeter of the window to allow for proper insulation.
  3. We use window grade spray foam insulation around each window to seal off any wind draft.
  4. We use a neutral cure silicone sealant to seal the outside of each window when applicable.
  5. Window tape is installed around the flange of the new construction windows to further ensure a tight seal.

Replacing Window Trim

interior window trim during window installation

Your window trim is most easily replaced at the time of your window replacement so if you are looking to update the look of your home, we offer interior and exterior window trim for installation with your window replacement. Options vary from small shoe molding-style trim to a full extension jamb and casing combination.

Exterior Trimming and Frame Cladding

Exterior trimming and frame cladding is available for new construction and replacement windows. We offer many colors of aluminum cladding from some of the top names in the industry. We custom-bend cladding to fit your exterior frame and trim which seals your window from the elements and offers a no-maintenance trim. Neutral cure silicone sealant is applied where necessary to properly seal the outside of your window.

exterior window cladding

"We just had new windows installed today. The installers were on time and courteous. They did an excellent job of installing and cleaning up after even though it took a little longer than planned. I would recommend Byler's Superior Windows to anyone looking for quality and value."

– Ray L on Google

Replacement Windows

We are dedicated to providing a quality service to our customers, caring for each detail that goes into the window building and installation.

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